At SJM Websites we are asked a lot of questions about websites. But, by far, the most frequently asked question we get is…

“Do I need a website?”

Well this is a simple question to respond to and the answer is a resounding


The next most frequently asked question is “Why do I need a website?” This is also simple to answer but in this case there are many answers to the question (see across).

To help all of our enquirers and to help you if you are considering a website option at the moment or indeed if you have never considered a website necessary for your business or organisation, we have put together this helpful guide to help answer those questions that you will undoubtedly have when considering setting up website for your business or organisation (see also across).

Do I Need a Website?

Key Questions and Points:

Why should my Business have a Website?

How Having a Website Benefits a Business?

Benefits of a Website for Small Business?

Advantages of Creating a Website for a Small Business?

Streamline a Business?

Save Money on Advertising!

Websites versus Social Media (Facebook)?

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