I am Steve (founder of SJM Websites), a local lad from Selston, Nottingham, England, UK (local to Nottingham, UK that is!) who is trying to contribute to and help the community and help to repair the famous community spirit which we all used to have in some way? This is whilst, at the same time, giving the community and its businesses suitable help to publicise its activities, products and services.

Having spent some 28 years in Local Government I felt it was time to do something completely different, and this is it!

“I set up this website to help small businesses, charity organisations and individuals realise their desire to have an Internet presence!”

If this has 'wet your whistle' or you just want to have a chat about your venture or your website requirements themselves, then please contact me or email me  and so we can arrange a meeting to discuss a future working relationship.


Basically, I care about my community, I want to live and work in my community and I want to contribute to it. This is my little way of trying to achieve this.

I hope you contact me soon so that we may explore some ideas together and get a website set up for you.

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